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Slavkovsky peak trilogy (for my English speaking friends)

 Once the weather improves, Indian summer is coming in the end of October. Days are shorter and the thermals aren't so strong to achieve some distance. Its time to train an endurance! With a friend of mine, we are going to plane someproject for winter, especially flying in High Tatras. Warm up for this season will be the trilogy of Slavkovsky peak. Our goal will be to reach the top of Slavkovsky peak (2452 amsl) from Jakubkova lúka (Jacobs meadow), a small and almost flat ski resort, which is very good landing place. One "round" will have 1430 metres of ascent and  should take 3hours. Our "base camp" will be at Hrebienok, where we will keep our car with food and other supplies, it is 200m higher then LZ on the way to top.  We want to make this"round" at least three times, but we will see.
  So the day comes at 26th of October, when inversion is lower then LZ and slow SW wind blows.
Get up at 2:50 and rush under the hill, drink RedBull and start hiking at 4 o'clock. Under the shining moon and freezing night we are closer to first top with every step. We have  reached it before end of the night.  We are enjoying performance of rising new day and admire beautiful game of colors and shadows around us, this theater playing without any noise, and its for free. Great feelings are improved by the endorphins in blood.

  Here is first ascent LIVE TRACK on Airtribune

The soonest time for flying is 6:18 am, because, we cannot fly in IFR, and it is time of sunrise. Our takeoff is 200m lower than the top. It is because there is no snow here, only rocks, so impossible jump in the air without tear up our canopies. But there is some grassy place at Slavkovsky nos (nose). We took off with low backwind, small rocks are makingfew problems and tear up some lines and fabric, but nothing terrible, Denali still flying like before :). Flying near the rocks, knee timber in morning "golden hour" is so fantastic.

First flight TRACKLOG

I pack up my Gradient Denali into backpack as fast as possible, and drink something. We are hiking to the "base" where our car is waiting for us with a food. With full "tank" we are climbing up again. Sun is slowly warming the ground and enhancing the colors. There is an inversion down in the valley, only Spiš castle is out of it. So beatiful!

Second ascent TRACKLOG

  On top, we are before ten o'clock and this time we are enjoying different game of colors. Sun shines and threes down in the valley looks like in fire.

Again we must make 200m down, to our takeoff. But this time, slow front wind helps us to took off easily. Awesome loneliness in the sky...only soud of the wind in the ears. I am descent in spiral to loose some altitude and save time

Second flight TRACKLOG

   After landing and packing, I eat some energy bar and drink energy drink. My legs have solidified a bit. I am not as trained as my friend, also I don't have light boots. After reaching our "base camp" I need to eat something salted to prevent colvusions in legs. For taste I ate few nuts and drink something. I feel 3000m ascent in my legs and six hours of walking. After break, we start to hike up again. This time i need some "hero metal" music. No talking just focusing on breathing and steps, steps not so long and long, but fast.

  Somewhere in middle, Zdeno change to another "gear" and move away from me in a speed which I cannot reach. My focus on path is little bit worse, I am stumbling from time to time. I got to serious trouble, I lost my bottle with water. All the devils! Zdeno is so far away, my telephone does not have any connection and he has earphones, so he is deaf to my scream. But fortune helps me, at last possible part i scream in pause of music and he stops. He is giving me some water and we continue together to summit. We met Pawel Faron with friends there. But I am so exhausted to talk with them. Summit time....ah..so amazing. Sitting, eating, drinking...enjoying weather, visibility and nature....summits are residences of Gods. Men trust in it for many thousand years. I can understand them bit.

Third ascent TRACKLOG

  After some time spent at peak, we go down and take off for last time, with 4 m/s SW wind. I soar to the west and fly low above the ground. Just enjoying my flying existence. Smiling and laughing, thats what i do when i am flying...endorphins working hard!

 If I can choose to spend my life somewhere, it will be in the sky or as high as  possible...and of course I will do it!

  From LZ to "base" its just 200m ascent and three kilometers and again, we enjoy it. There is a plenty of food, radlers and clean, soft and dry clothes in car. So nice feeling to change it.

Third flight TRACKLOG  

Recap of this beautiful day is as follows: 4300 ascent meters, 28 kilometers distance by walk and time 9 and half hour. My big thank you is to Gradient for great, easy to takeoff and really light Denali, also i thank ZAJO for great outdoor stuff and at last but not at least my big thank you goes to  Zdeno Vacke, who guided me to survive this and hopefully many other projects in the future. His knowledge about mountains and body is very useful, so thank you once again!

 At the end, maybe we can make it for 4th time, but i really want to fly down, and we cant make it before darkness, so next time? Maybe 5th times?

  Big thank you for translation Michi!

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