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Tatras, the Alps, the Carpathians, the Stara Planina moutains ... Nice hills they are ....but maybe is time push my limits? In December I dream on about some trip to south fly and hike and especially explore something new. I was thinking about Atlas, India and Nepal. I decided to not go to the Moroccan Atlas, locals said that is no more than 3h thermals in February, and its hard if  Ailos had a good mood, supported by excessive consumption of ambrosia or what ... India is good in April, but in that time i can fly a lot in Europe. So the card fell on Nepal. For hundred devils I must go there!  And he began to speculate, to identify what and how. However, distance is very big, ticket cost quite a lot and there are mountains as otherwise, the biggest in this world. Many thanks especially to Jan for advice as to the case, Stan for tips on weather and appropriate period to visit. And of course, my benefactors for borrowing all sorts of cool things, from water filter, gas cooker and UV filter, gopro and solar panel! The you-years would not have taken place without the support of our Slovak headers, since this SKYBEAN who gave me pennies needed for the airticket. I obtain 3.5 kg new steed, XC5 of the Gradient, this time in the Ultralight version of the X-Alps and lot of outdoor equipment from ZAJO, thanks a lot, buddies!

 It will be hard i think because I chose the supposedly "very strong" period, the Google wrote it, so hopefully it will be true. The departure of a few days left and I fall through the unexpected fear, what if this is not done, what if they are not fly over no possible landing area? What when will blow strong west wind, and the cloudbase will be low? What if I do not have enough to eat, where to sleep or take off. However, these doubts I dont feel for first time. The truth is that compared to past actions, this is a little bit rougher and bolder and crazier. Because I'm not going "only" fly, but also to hike ... At the takeoff from the landing, to sleep in a tent everywhere or maybe in locals houses, so adventure is guaranteed)... so ... That's why I dug up something I wrote before going to Romania but not made public.

"I am writing this on 06.06.2015 and no one knows why, but i want to say you my motivation if something bad will happened to me. 
 Life is a great gift, however, has its limits defined by time. Each of us got  the option how to live, someone thankfully hale and hearty, someone sick or confined to a wheelchair. you see, I was lucky enough that I was born healthy and later just few fractures or joint pain I have it still was exceedingly I was happy about it, I was looking forward out of it that I can run, climb, walk. and so I did everything. I loved the movement and outdoor life, in nature, on the road. the biggest has filled up flying to it I sacrifice everything, probable if you are reading this article, my life. As you are all no doubt heard about the incident on Rozsutec, or read the story of Dean Potter, many discussants criticized what they did that leave the family, hazarding with their own lives. But know  that your life is really just your and do with it what want. My motto was live my dream, so that I was ready to die at any time with a happy heart because I have lived every day as if it was to be my last. The fact that someone flies, climb or jumps BASE does not mean that he wanted to die, but he just enjoing the world and life itself. Someone enjoying live without objective (i dont blame him) but it was not my destiny or perhaps Dan Osman´s. We try to push the limits, maybe just our, maybe  sometimes meaningful, sometimes meaningless. But even master cuts himself. Maybe I was cut myself, in strong lee side, or low over the trees, maybe just above the rocks, or simply eaten somewhere by bear, can become many things .... but my life was wonderful! Who knew me personally, I knew that I was very happy and often carefree, I owe this to my dream that became true. But I'm not here ... I sailed off somewhere else, maybe in heaven, hell maybe, maybe to the Valhalla, and maybe I'm just died, as proclaims science. But believe me, I died happy .... You may take me as an example, whether good or bad it is your choice. For me it was heroes like Messner, Alexander Supertramp McCandless or Chrigel or Kleja... wouldnt serve others by your example ...  Use your free time to the fullest, spend it with its closest friends or family but not in front of TV, PC, go out! Travel! Hike! Play sports! Enjoy!

P.S. If after me remained parachute, harness, or vario and I didnt ruin it, please give them somehow beginner, or someone in need of money.  '

... Yes, I was scared! but i stay alive after Romanian trip and now is something bigger in front of me! (it was not so hard as everyone tells me before my departure)

  Articles of trekkers who completed a hike around Annapurna with a backpack on back, I reproached something like Nepalese proverb: "Do not try to change Nepal, Nepal will change you!" So curiosity with me rattling, I am exceedingly anxious-what's will change with me and my perception of the world. Eightthousand metres peaks are not visible for each and every day .... Trekker really have a perfect experience, but the icing on the cake will be just that flying. The spiritual dimension of flying is really hard to describe, particulary on places such as the Himalayas !! I will be happy if its grandeur touch height 5000 meters above and the temperature up there I cant imagine. These walls must be something amazing, be sure to come as a speck, fragile and uninteresting.

 The plan is : from Bratislava by plane to Dubai, then sleep 19hours on airport, jump into another to Kathmandu. (The way I will enjoing of view through window down the mountain, I deliberately take a seat on the side where they will be larger moutain ranges). In Kathmandu I decide whether I go if, straight from the first hill, or go to Pokhara ... and it still do not know how. There'll have maybe two days flying and testing new Avax and local conditions of Sarangkot and then heads out for adventures to the west, above the Annapurna and Dauglíri. I found a sort of itinerant place of sanctuary, that I would like to visit. Along the way, however, some problems. The most windy valley in Himalayas and 3500 m wooded hills and rocky peaks, narrow valleys and no landing place at about 15km. It will be bigbeat! If the west wind is too strong, I will turn to the east, above the Annapurna and Manaslu. How much it will possible fly with east direction. That's the plan, but of course the 80% it will develop quite differently. I calculated that if I have a day was able to fly away 50km, it would be awesome. Incredible hike and fly experience in the Himalayas (although only the tiny but still!) should be  HIKEMALAYA!

I hope that you acquire Nepalese SIM card and I can occasionally throw something on FACEBOOK PAGE of my team. I'll have SPOT and which I hope will work and there is a page on LIVETRACKING. In the backpack is also a tourist diary where I honestly remarking experiences and trivia during certain boring evenings under bilions of the stars and most famous and exiting moutain range in the world ... that after his return throw to digital form and I will also translate into English, I will post it here...
If i will return, of course! :)

Here is rest of story


 Please dont think I consider myself as a brutal sportsman doing everything. I am in fear as everyone else :)

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